The provision of social services and skills education / training activities for vulnerable adults, including young people and Roma comes as support and response to problems identified by members of Community Advisory Committees in both communities insufficiently served by awareness, advocacy and capacity building. in the framework of regular Community actions. The activity addresses a number of 77 vulnerable adults, of which 28 young people and 53 Roma from the interethnic communes Valea Seaca and Dimacheni, who will be identified with needs such as: psychosocial assistance, needs for developing parental skills in young people (parents or future parents), development work skills, financial education. There will be a total of 2 sessions of parental education, 2 sessions of financial education and 2 development programs within this activity will achieve the following results:77 vulnerable adults of which 28 young people and 53 Roma with increased access to education activities and training skills and competencies.